Our first house is a cute bungalow in Pasadena. Behold the beautiful befores …


The curtain rod on the only window was mounted so low that you couldn’t open the wooden inner shutters, so the poor kitchen is a perpetually dark hole! We are enlarging the kitchen and its windows to take advantage of the water view across the street.

Dining Room

The dining room features a lot of doorways and a dropped styrofoam ceiling for extra cozy.

Living Rooms (Um, yes, functionally there are two.)

Master Bedroom and Bath

The master bath is an excruciatingly long, skinny room with a shower smack in the middle. Even without doubling as extra mattress storage, there’s far more shimmying going on in here than is appropriate, and you have to leave the master bedroom to visit it.

Second Bedroom and Bath

The layout of the second bathroom devotes a lot of usable space to an over-sized linen closet. By making the storage area much smaller and moving the fixtures around, we’ll create an airier space. Also, the ceiling is covered in ceramic tile. Who tiles a ceiling?!


No distressed house rehab is complete without an ancient muttering freezer full of non-frozen meat.

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